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Bobby Jaggerjack – Different

Bobby Jaggerjack – Different

Bobby Jaggerjack: I made this song with the intention of taking everything that I was capable of as an artist and using it to create a fun and universally appealing record. I wrote, recorded, and released it all on the same day, and I honestly was just looking to keep a balance between something I knew would be easy to consume for the current generation whilst still keeping the attention of a more hard-to-please crowd of Hip-Hop enthusiasts. I also wanted something that would have high compatibility with the sync licensing market, and I believe “Different” is a solid offering on all fronts.

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Cleveland, Ohio


Hello, I’m Robert (also known as “Bobby Jaggerjack”) and I’m an independent recording artist, songwriter, actor, model, comedian, podcaster, and amongst other things, the sole creator, owner and operator of both my own record label (Lucky Libra Records) and publisher (Lucky Libra Publishing) from Cleveland, OH. I include these titles as a representation of the fact that my focus in entertainment is all encompassing, even though I started out as and am primarily a recording artist. I’m one of those rare cases where you have an individual who was born to be in this industry and has the fortitude for it but simply hasn’t put all of the pieces together. For me there are really only two things I lack; a budget to make more of the moves I’d like to make and enough exposure to ensure that my music’s success is self sufficient and I don’t have to worry about it because I’ve built up enough of an organic fan base. I’m currently working on those two things. I’m a shrewd businessman and I apply everything I’ve learned when it comes to solidifying the foundation of my brand and marketing my material in general. I’m the one that that manages all of the fine details without outsourcing anything because it’s the best way to learn. I even own the federal trademark for my pseudonym “Bobby Jaggerjack” across multiple international classes and numerous domestic ones. ( and even though it took over a year for the process to complete, I managed every single step, did the research and taught myself how to do it and without consulting any legal council, was able to do it all on my own.) There are many other things I’ve done but for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say that every single last thing a label would do for the development of their artists and the solidification of their brand, I’ve done 100% by lonesome.


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