Home Exclusive (VMG Exclusive) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Chats With Vintage Media Group |

(VMG Exclusive) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Chats With Vintage Media Group |

(VMG Exclusive) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Chats With Vintage Media Group |

(VMG Exclusive) Bikedope Podcast And Clothing Line Chats With Vintage Media Group

1. How did you come up with the name Bikedope and what does ir mean?

The name Bikedope itself is an acronym that stands for Believe In Killing Everything Doubting Ourselves was Past Experience. I came up with the name one day while I was in New Jersey hanging out with some family. My family who just happens to ride Motorcycles (Bikes) had a small get together and a bunch of there buddies who ride bikes all came over to hang out. I don’t ride at all but I seen the passion these guys had about their bikes and the passion they had drew me in. The fact that they were super involved in this culture was most interesting to me. Later that night I went to sleep and began to ponder. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an outlet for people to “that thing” that they love and wouldn’t need validation from anyone, just have the liberty to be oneself and be unapologetic about it. That’s what Bikedope is all about! People freely being who they are to their core and having the reassurance to know its okay to be oneself. On the podcast I find people who fit the mold have the Bikedope mindset and we discuss their life and get there perspectives on life. Its been nothing short of amazing.
2. How long have you been running your podcast and how has the podcast helped the clothing line?
I’ve been running the podcast for about 2 years now and after people hear the podcast they often wonder how can they support the brand and often refer me (Jon Agnew) Bikedope to more people.  Sales haven’t gone up exponentially but the awareness of Bikedope and Jon Agnew have definitely gone up. With hard work and patience the brand is slowly evolving and truly a joy to see.
3. Why fashion and do you feel that the fashion industry hard to get into?
As a child I’ve always liked fashion. I thought it was super cool to wear your own products and come up with your own ideas. I actually seen 50 Cent wearing G unit back in the day and thought if he could do it I can do it. I just never had the resources or the no how to do so.  When I got older and wiser I started to dabble in certain areas and I understood how things things worked. Slowly but surely my confidence built and I jumped out there! Then BOOM,  Bikedope was born. Its my belief that nothing is hard. With a sick work ethic and patience its just a matter of time before the universe hears you and recognizes your worth.We must understand that we shape our own reality. The sooner our brains can process that, the better off we”ll be as a people.
4. Breakdown your style and the ideal fan for both the podcast and clothing line?
My style is always relaxed and for the most part super chill. I think better like that. I always try to add value to any situation and I don’t look for anything in return. All while keeping a smile on my face. The ideal fan of Bikedope and Jon Agnew understands the value of self worth, integrity, High moral character, authenticity, the power of self, unsurety of life, self confidence, the importance of work ethic, legacy, laughing as hard as possible every single day, understanding our time on this planet is short lived and knowing that were weren’t designed to live average mundane boring ass lives. Be passionate about what you do and sooner or later the universe will reward you. Until then stay ten toes down.
5. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
IN the next five years I see the brand being a household name. I see people approaching obstacles in their path like ” Fuck it, Bikedope, I’m about to kill this shit “. I see a culture of people who have adopted the mindset of I can Do absolutely anything under the sun and here’s how I’m gonna do it. I see the podcast helping millions of people globally.  I see so many collaborations with so many influential people that the world has got to take notice. When the energies all combine we can help so many more people with so many more problems and issues. I’m really looking forward to it. The Jon Agnew foundation is going to help millions of people pursue their dreams and inspire so many more people. Success leaves clues but unfortunately a lot of people aren’t able to access the blueprint. Bikedope will graciously assist. 


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