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“Beauty Queen” by Dre Wonda

“Beauty Queen” by Dre Wonda

Dre Wonda is a multi-talented sensation who’s set for notoriety across multiple genres. With a sound that bears a striking resemblance to Stevie Wonder, it’s no surprise that Dre Wonda’s ‘Beauty Queen’ has instantly gained spins and international airplay. It immediately becomes clear that Dre is on to a winner when you first hear ‘Beauty Queen’. Not only does this track have a perfect, soulful R&B formula, it also has huge crossover potential as well. ‘Beauty Queen’ is a track that oozes smooth soul, genuine feel good vibes and sing along sentiment as well.

The beat to ’Beauty Queen’ is comprised of hypnotic, seductive keys and soulful, driving bass. It provides a nice and smooth backline for Dre Wonda to show what he’s made of and he delivers his soulful vocals with conviction and genuine serenity. The lyrics and performance will appeal to the ladies and those sensitive guys and the groove and uplifting nature of the track will appeal to most. Overall, ‘Beaty Queen’ is a classic R&B hit that will appeal to the pop masses. In teaming up with NY’s own DJ Ev, we look forward to hearing a lot more from Dre Wonda in 2018 and beyond.





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