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Ayo Mary Laurent – The New Fashion Focus

Ayo Mary Laurent – The New Fashion Focus

From the runways of Paris, to the streets of London and everywhere around the world, AML in years of design expertise and quality craftsmanship, brings you their latest lineup. One of the official “stockist” for Mary Laurent designer label is ‘United States of Fashion’ at London West End, the luxury leather bags are also sold in some few select shops in London, Paris and NY.

Born into a family that has been in the clothing industry for years, Ayo Mary Laurent never had to look too far for inspiration. Her love of fabric and design were inborn and helped shape the label into what it is today.

For the latest trends for both men and women, they offer one of the most comprehensive lines of clothing and accessories, all designed using luxurious fabrics and unique materials to create stylish looks and quality products founded under the most cutting edge stand-out fashion available created for the man or woman.


MARY LAURENT showrooms are now available for visits by appointment in Bellalure London, Paris & Nigeria. Fill out our appointment form on store locator and we will be in touch soon.

+4477 5621 8233 +1 832 692 8660