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Modelling and Art are two diverse fields of profession. Modelling is a kind of performance arts where live models endorse, exhibit or promote commercial products in public. Whereas, art is about creating and practicing visual arts in the form of paintings, sculptures etc. Modelling mainly requires advertising someone else’s work whereas art is the skill of visualizing, expressing and creating one’s own imagination in the form of a painting. There are only few extremely talented people who have the natural ability to exhibit and promote creations of other artists and self. A famous model and a renowned artist Peter Shoukry is one of those multi-facet, rarely gifted people who has the flair for both Modelling and Art. Peter Shoukry never portrayed something that is obvious in his art, but he always tries to visualize in depth and illustrate the other side of life. He tries to bridge the gap between imagination and reality through his artistic paintings.

Fascinated by characters of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny since childhood, Peter Shoukry didn’t get a chance to explore his inbuilt talent of painting till his freshman years in High School. He took up Art as an elective, high scoring easy subject; least knowing that one day he will take it up as a profession. His Arts teacher helped and encouraged him for the next four years to develop his passion and skill for Arts. After graduation, Peter was given a golden opportunity to display his work and be a part of an exhibition held at the Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles California. Since then, there was no looking back. His Art career took a leap with numerous gallery exhibitions, international shows, and museums worldwide. He sold his paintings to private art collectors and people all around the country.

Having inborn talent of creating art inside, Peter Shoukry had an appealing self outside. In 2012, he was spotted and signed by the founder of Slater Model Management, for his Eufora fashion show and campaign. He worked with Slater for 3 months and then moved on to success by featuring in several fashion magazine editorials including McKleinUSA, Traphic, Banana Republic, Dolce & Gabbana, and Express.
To learn more about the life and work of Peter Shoukry check out his website www.petershoukry.com and to follow Peter Shoukry’s work on Instagram, visit his collection at https://instagram.com/petershoukry/.


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