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Apex’s New Album ‘The Elevation Clause’ Delivers the Best Hip Hop and Rap Songs

Apex’s New Album ‘The Elevation Clause’ Delivers the Best Hip Hop and Rap Songs

Apex‘s latest album “The Elevation Clause” presents substantial hip hop and rap music. His music is already viral and streaming on popular music platforms online.

Apex who is from San Francisco, United States, delivers a new music album “The Elevation Clause” which offers an amazing selection of hip hop and rap songs. He basically prefers to work with hip hop and rap music genre. He has been making music for quite some time. He started making music when he had discovered his love for music. His first music track named “First Impression” is still featured on popular music sharing and streaming sites and it is still the most favorite track for hip hop and rap lovers.

The album produced by Apex displays the smooth musicality and clever conceptual approach towards music. His music walks the fine line of intensity and lightness, presenting very exquisite soundscape that fits well with certain rhythm and bounce which really lifts your spirits. The minimalistic yet haunting and hypnotic vibe offered by the ambiance rides well with the varying ranges of the artist’s vocal performance.

The ringing hook and melody linger in your mind for quite a while. The bold and elegant mixture of hip hop beats with rap verses enhances the dynamic quality of his songs. The overall performance is remarkably spacious and dreamlike. Structurally this album has a lot to offer. The verses in his songs “71”, “Apexisback”, “Culture Pt.1”, “Pharaoh”, “Culture Pt.2” and “94” comes in contrast with the hip hop beats, which offers a very fast pace but stays in tune with the laid back energy and positive vibes.

His music captures all the essential elements of the hip hop and rap music genre. It evolves in a creative and hypnotic way which sounds impressive as the tracks progress. As things progress in the first section of the album, there is a definite uniqueness in the vocal tone and performance, which is a trademark of the artist. Each track has its trademark sound and loaded with haunting riff. His music supports and presents the energy and ideas presented in the music.

The relevancy and the manic energy make Apex’s album “The Elevation Clause” stand out in the crowd. As the tracks progresses, the lyricism gets more and more poignant and stunning. The songs depict the inner turmoil that is going on in the artist’s mind. The songs of the versatile as well as intellectual artist present us with the uniquely creative musicality and artistic vision. His music is really one of a kind and it gets you hooked.

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