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Amazing Lifestyle Brands That Make Dope Products

Amazing Lifestyle Brands That Make Dope Products

These are good times for us all fashion freaks. Global brands are not more than a click away. But at the same time, most of the products that we see online on most ecommerce aggregators are average looking and tend to converge towards what we may call a lazy designer’s job. Here are six design conscious brands that are actually working on pushing the envelope, if you will, and hence you must know them too.

  1. Mount Wilder

Mount Wilder is made for the artist in you. They have carved out of niche for themselves by making products that celebrate craftsmanship and their products are timeless with a touch of vintage. If you are one of those leather purists, you are bound to enjoy their minimalistic designs and clean looks. Their choice of color is one more signature element that you just can’t miss – the products are vibrant, raw and most certainly wild. Our favorite color is their Havana Rainforest Green, which is yours? Let us know in the comments below.







      2. Nicobar

Nicobar is a brand that focuses on the journey of a product, emphasizing on the stories that they are selling through their product by building a community that adorns culture with a modern twist. The brand believes in creating new unique styles that are timeless instead of focusing on the fast fashion retail therapy, thus focusing on detail and craftsmanship. Creating clothes in what one can literally live in, which talks about all the comfort and chic style. Their stores give a literal interpretation of “vacation” that no one should miss.




  1. Anomaly

Minimally refined clothing for the modern men and women, subtly reflecting their style and comprehending to the immediate need of today which is work and leisure, Anomaly a brand bringing home your solution. Understanding the uprising fashion sensibilities of the Indian cosmopolitan, the brand focuses on creating a niche for the utilitarian way of dressing through functional garments that have a timeless appeal. The brand thus offers a variety of wardrobe staples which will make you rush to be doled up for that boring office meeting.



  1. Khara Kapas

A label which stands for sustainability, following the virtue of minimal design sensibility and aesthetics. Founded in 2015, Khara Kapas (which means pure cotton in Hindi) by designer Shilpi Yadav, draws the attention towards the free spirited, bohemian style which has the exact balance of rawness and fun. Handcrafting beautiful products from pure Indian fabrics and carving their name under one of those producing leather products with certified ahimsa leather (cruelty-free leather) only. The collection reflects the sensibility of a person who would love the modern take on minimal shapes with a palette of subdued colors.





  1. Nappa Dori

A thread that combines the sensibility of India with the rest of the world, by contemplating it in a way that reaches out for sophistication and adds the exact amount of quirk required, by embellishing it with eclectic modern icons and prints. Products are handcrafted with detail that whispers elegance. Nappa Dori deals with a variety of products and travel being at the center is what attracts its customers. Products are smartly planned and serve the functionality factor very well.




  1. Shift India

We see a lot of brands talking about sustainability but Shift is a label which is purely devoted towards bringing back to the society the true meaning of conservation, empowerment, and enlightenment. Working with sustainable materials and making conscious choices, where craft meets fashion a premium fashion and lifestyle business is evolved. Clothing has a unique sense of vintage style attached to it. Easy breezy silhouettes with a dash of added zest which is achieved from the very remarkable and smart detailing are what attracts the customers.





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