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AM/WAS presents: Prelude (featuring Young Wabo)

AM/WAS presents: Prelude (featuring Young Wabo)

February 2021 – Prelude is a groundbreaking new release by AM/WAS, also featuring Young Wabo, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded with a true gem.

This production is accomplished and genuine, bringing an immediate, energetic feel to the table. There is a certain urgency to this release, yet there is also a lot of focus on details, always looking for way to enhance the sonic depth of this composition.

AM/WAS has a wide range of musical influences, and the sound of Prelude is indeed very diverse, leading to a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience that merges rap with some psychedelic vibes. Even the collaboration with Young Wabo is spot on, allowing AM/WAS to try out new balances and new ideas. Ultimately, AM/WAS is definitely a name to watch out in the music scene, especially if you like music that feels modern and direct

This release is definitely a deep dive into the sound of this musician, and the potential is absolutely enormous!

Find out more about AM/WAS, and do not miss out on Prelude (featuring Young Wabo), which is currently available on the web, where you can stream it in full.

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