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Ali Kulture Brings Out The Superhero In The Common Man

Ali Kulture Brings Out The Superhero In The Common Man

The song “SUPERHERO” by Ali Kulture is a spacey anthem that delivers a soothing breath-of-fresh-air to the listener’s ear.  Genius-worthy lyrics complimented by a clean and crisp baseline; hard-hitting 808s and melodic synths make the song sonically exceptional.  The chorus is catchy while the singing in the background makes it captivating and unforgettable. 

Ali Kulture defines “The American Dream” while personifying the “Immigrant Hustle”.  A true-to-life story of rags to something richer a listener can appreciate; full of heart-wrenching lows and inspirational highs.  Kulture recalls details ranging from financial hardships to migrating from a third world. Ali speaks candidly about originating from a single-parent household and becoming self-made; it gives the listener a first-person view into a Pakistani-American-Muslim-Western story.  

The music is befitting of a have-nots tale, relatable to anyone appreciative of the underdog.  Best part; its a true story. When Ali Kulture was 2 years old, he lost his father; who was a commercial pilot – to a fatal shoot out by the Taliban.  His family lived in Karachi, Pakistan till age five and then moved to San Jose, California until he turned 15 years of age. From there, the family moved to Falls Church, Virginia; successfully having traveled from one continent to another and from the West coast to the East.

Kulture is on a mission to tell his story and shed light on the plight of immigrants. True stories about finding his identity as a Muslim in America and fighting the stigmas of a single parent household.  Vivid and detailed accounts of life in low-income neighborhoods and the journey of learning right-from-wrong resonate throughout Kulture’s music. The artist’s range in style has been his staple; helping draw vast audiences from boom-bap to emo-rap / trap & mainstream hip hop.   

Instagram: @mrkulture

Additional Media: https://music.apple.com/us/album/superhero/1551007373?i=1551007375

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