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Alex Chadwick – SOULdope [VMG Approved]

Alex Chadwick – SOULdope [VMG Approved]

Following the mix-tape “ijustwannarap,” released while on deployment in November of 2011, Louisiana Emcee Alex Chadwick’s fourth album, “SOULDOPE” is a soulful- montage that brings to mind the word étouffée and the feeling of being close to home. Touching on the topics of family, love, loss, struggles and triumphs, SOULdope is an album that provokes a state of reflection, giving fans not only what they want- but what they need.

With a tone and delivery that commands the attention of audiences, Chadwick has the natural ability to articulate his message with a passion and honesty that speaks for itself. As the heart of hip-hop beats faintly, stifled by the weight of commercialism, Chadwick is an influential voice in the preservation of a sacred art form. #VMGApproved