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A Tale Of Krazzie Daizy

A Tale Of Krazzie Daizy

Krazzie Daizy was born May 16, 1989, as Kendra Chan’el Calhoun to Cynthia Williams and Kenneth Calhoun in Buffalo NY. She grew up as the only grandchild of an Elder and First Lady Williams. Needless to say, she was in church most of her life and that’s where her love for music started. As years passed she noticed that she did not want to be noticed for singing and preaching like her family so she started to rap. Just little raps here and there she never took it seriously at first but she knew she was destined to make a mark in the music industry. In late 2019 she met a Producer named Saint Jargo which would push her to pursue her dream of being in the music industry. Working with Saint Jargo gave Krazzie Daizy the courage to get behind the mic for the first time and the rest was history.

She’s Signed To Entertainment Us Studios.

Additional Media: www.entertainmentusstudios.com

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Buffalo, NY


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