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A Posture of Heart: Message from The Wishman

A Posture of Heart: Message from The Wishman

A Posture of Heart: Message from The Wishman

A Posture of Heart invokes essences of jazz, hip-hop, and pop-punk, marrying them into a psychedelic symphony.
Erupting with soul-hitting lyrics from a melodic piano and guitar duet is the perfect thesis to introduce this album. “Waking Up” prods the listener to expand their connection to self and prepare for the ensuing journey.
The narrative takes further shape with “Wish You Would,” with the assistance of Caleb Smith’s vocals, introducing another recurring theme: inspiration. Tracing this vein through “Lift You Up” and “Rearrange,” Colt Liles implies, poetically, that inspiration is inherent for each of us; we should stop searching without, and start looking within.

While a majority of the album coalesces into a poetically-pure expression of artistic soul-searching, there’s plenty else to enjoy. “Hennessy,” with Tyler Moseley (who has several other features), is a classic, kickback, and crack a beer—smoke a joint—banger. Proof that there is, even more, to come out of this budding artist.

“Alright, Okay” concludes this seven-song project with an exclamation. Responding to critical questions posed in the opening act of the album, the final track fulfills the soul.
While each track stands alone—craft, lyrics, and production—the heart-quest from open to close is professionally constructed, and is essential to allow these songs to elevate beyond radio-jams; these are songs for the inquisitive mind, the doubting man, the hopeless wanderer. There is empathy in every line.

Already an established photographer, boasting a hefty portfolio of everything from concerts to weddings, Colt Liles is cavalier his way into another successful dynasty, and A Posture of Heart is the pinnacle of debuts.

Written by Blaize Dicus

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