Home Lifestyle “50 Different Types Of Friends” By Maya Jama

“50 Different Types Of Friends” By Maya Jama

“50 Different Types Of Friends” By Maya Jama

How many friends do you have like the characters in Maya Jama’s new hilarious YouTube clip “50 Different Types Of Friends”?

1) The fitness fanatic friend
2) The ugly friend
3) The hot friend
4) The light weight friend
5) The aspiring singer friend
6) The yardie friend
7) The drama queen friend
8) The party animal friend
9) The ghetto friend
10) The tom boy friend
11) The friend thats always moaning
12) The friend thats always on edge
13) The ‘I’ll fuck a bitch up’ friend
14) The friend that won’t take shit from anyone
15) The foreign friend
16) The friend who wears way too much make up
17) The fighter friend
18) The friend that talks shit behind your back
19) The friend who thinks they’re a drum n bass MC
20) The single mother friend
21) The gossiping friend
22) The awkward/weird friend
23) The friend who just got out of jail
24) The friend thats gassed for no reason
25) The fat friend
26) The pretend to be your friend, friend
27) The friend who’s addicted to Instagram
28) The drug dealer friend
29) The expensive weave boasting friend
30) The Aussie friend
31) The jealous friend
32) The gross friend
33) The square friend
34) The friend thats a whore
35) The responsible friend
36) The beg friend
37) The friend who always had to be centre of attention
38) The academic friend
39) The friends friend
40) The friend that only looks good from behind
41) The friend with a car
42) The gold digging friend
43) The broke friend
44) The friend that you can’t leave your boyfriend around
45) The insecure friend
46) The friend that never has anything to wear
47) The why doesn’t she just admit she’s a lesbian, friend
48) The trendy friend
49) The stuck up friend
50) The friend that uses their boobs to get attention