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5 Ela – 5 Elementz [Don’t Stop]

5 Ela – 5 Elementz [Don’t Stop]

The “5 ELEMENTZ :: Don’t Stop” music video was produced by Common Breath Media, filmed and directed by Steve Furay, whose previous music videos and work as an arts writer for The Michigan Citizen newspaper have helped redefine Detroit Hip Hop in the 21st Century. Common Breath Media (http://common-breath.com) is a
multimedia web magazine for Hip Hop culture and global peace, STARFLEET Official.

STARFLEET Official is the artist collective featuring 5 ELA, Black Bethoven, DJ LaJedi and more, founded in Detroit as a cooperative gathering of light bearing musicians and media creators, rooted in the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Black Bethoven’s debut LP “Heat” is now available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and more.