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5 Big EDM Fashion Trends for 2016

5 Big EDM Fashion Trends for 2016

5 Big EDM Fashion Trends for 2016


Whether its neon or light up, the electronic dance music fashion scene has always been one that’s had its trends.

At the moment it’s got it’s own unique styles and a number of very cool things are in and being worn around the EDM venues. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.


  1. Graphic Print Leggings


If you want to add an instant and unexpected pop of color, try wearing a supportive, thick pair of graphic print leggings. A pair of cloth leggings will breathe and that will help you remain comfortable throughout the day. While a pair of stretch leggings will hold you in and give a flattering shape to your legs.


For a fun casual way to wear your leggings, pair them with a long white tunic-length V-neck top and a trusty pair of black combat boots. You can also add a hoodie or cardigan to your outfit if it’s a bit chilly out.


You can try wearing your leggings with a black skin-tight mini skirt or dress and a killer pair of stilettos. If you have a pair of leggings in subtle or muted colors, you may want to wear then with an oversized sweater, leg warmers and a pair of neutral colored knee-high riding boots. You can finish this outfit with (#11) an army-inspired anorak.


  1. A Body-Con Dress


Body con dresses are sexy, bondage dresses, however, they don’t need to be expensive. I prefer black dresses since they’re easy to style, however, multicolored dresses also look great. Look for dresses with interesting necklines and cut-outs if you’re bold.


The obvious shoes to wear with your body-con dress if high heeled ankle boots and pumps. However, I think the dress would look super chic if you wear it with (#3) high top sneakers or combat boots.


Body-con dresses can be dressed down for casual house parties or dates, or they can be worn for a chic night out on the town. Try wearing your dress with wedges and a distressed knit sweater.


If you want the appearance of a body con dress, but crave versatility, you can try a body con skirt. You can wear them with a (#10) tucked in graphic top, (#8) cropped top, jacket, or vest.


  1. Pumped Up Kicks


One easy and fast way to add personality and funk to even the plainest outfit is to add an awesome eye-catching pair of sneakers. You can play it safe with by wearing canvas sneakers or ankle-cut sneakers. Or, you can pump up your style with a wedge version or high tops.


If you’re rolling out of bed and in a rush to reach your class, you can add some cool sneakers to your t-shirt and Nike shorts. Pair this with a swipe of bright lip gloss and huge sunglasses.


If you need a cool look for a dance party of rave, wear a pair of sneakers with your fitted mini-dress. Old school kicks are awesome when worn with a v-neck tee, a cardigan, and a simple pair of skinny jeans.


Lately there has also been a trend for glow in the dark trainers. These light up trainers have LED lights in the soles and really look great at an EDM event or any festival for that matter – you can actually see them here at www.getlitshoes.com.



  1. Bold Statement Make-Up


Trendy girls want to make a bold statement, which is why they’ve turned to flashy make-up for years. You can use neon makeup to add a pop of fun and inexpensive color.


Hot pink lipstick has been one of my favorites. Apply lip balm to your lips and wait 15 minutes. Then buff your lips with an old toothbrush to remove dead skin. Do this before applying your lipstick for a cleaner appearance.


Electric blue eyeliner is a fun and expected way to add color to your face. Make sure to use a primer to coat the lower and upper eyelids. This will help keep your makeup from smearing.


If you want to add Day-Glo bright colors, but don’t really like make-up, try wearing neon-colored or glittery nail polish.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/sUvdP8WT64Y” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


  1. A Fun Hat


Any music-savvy chic downtown girl knows how important it is to have a signature hat, especially if you’re going to a concert. Pick a hat that’s quirky and fits your personality. Your hat may be a great conversation starter.


Have you ever noticed that some people are obsessed with long animal hats at concerts recently? I’ve always believed these hats were pretty cool. However, I had no idea where I could wear them. A concert seemed like the ideal place.


In the same vein, animal beanies are also adorable, like the one Ming wears in Awkward. Surprisingly, I’m really into fashionable baseball caps. This trend is really starting to catch on. A tongue-in-cheek flatbill or a leather cap would also be cool.


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