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“4D50” (Album) Brings HEAT To 2018!

“4D50” (Album) Brings HEAT To 2018!

Franco Drew’s “4D50” (a.k.a “For The 5-0”) is a Hip-Hop album that consists of 9 tracks. Each song featured on this album provides a modern sound that is backed by a rugged tone.

Here’s some information we discovered about the young artist:

Franco Drew is a passionate and prolific Rapper & Recording Artist who was born, raised, and currently creates in The City of Angels.

Entertaining, talented, and committed, Franco Drew is able to switch up his style to match a wide variety of different tempos and genres with ease. Knowing no limits, he also has an undeniable knack for entertaining audiences of all kinds. Additionally, Franco Drew is a masterful story-teller; his songs are for more than just entertainment purposes for they each contain a memorable story.

Throughout his creative career, Franco Drew’s dedication to honing his rapping skills has been unwavering. While the art of music has been and will always be his number one passion, his music career truly began as soon as he started interning for Los Angeles based rapper R-Mean & Pentagon Records when he was just 17 years of age.



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Los Angeles, CA

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