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T’Neal’s New Mixtape ‘The Virtual Room’

T’Neal’s New Mixtape ‘The Virtual Room’ 8.6

With all this creativity that T’Neal is giving on this recent project VMG and the editors couldn’t wait to sit down and checkout “The Virtual Room”

The Virtual Room melts into a Hip Hop, trap and hyper-trance like vibe mixed with alternative subgenres and vaporwave. The Virtual Room: The Rarest Nightclub.

Artist: T’Neal
Vocals: T’Neal
Mixing Engineer: Chalstonian
Mastering Engineer: Chalstonian
Producers: Chalstonian; T’Neal; J Dilla

Twitter – @Tideswitch @Supersaiyan75 @Chalstonian

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T'Neal Did His Thing With This One... This Had Me And The Editors Going Crazy In The Office As T'Neal Truly Gives A Creative Blend And Mixture Of Hip-Hop, Trap Music And Hyper-Trance. The Creativity Was On Point, As We Dare To Wonder How Do You Combine All Of These Different Styles Of Hip-Hop/Rap And It Still Makes Sense. Also Being A Native Of Atlanta Where They Have Been Known For A Certain Type Of Sound. T'Neal Broken The Mold With This One... This Is Definitely A VMG Approved Mixtape, And A Must Listen...

Replay Value8.5
Reader Rating: ( 2 votes ) 8.3

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