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T.I. Explains The Situation With Diddy


T.I. Explains “Diddy Beef”

I guess T.I. decided to explain what happened with him and Diddy.

“Me and Puff go way back that’s like a brother to me. Whatever was said by me was said out of love to Puff not in no intent to belittle him or check him. Puff a grown man he do what he want to do.”

“I just felt it was necessary for me to separate myself form the situation that was going on, so people knew that I wasn’t involved because of my personal circumstance that’s the kind of activity I can’t afford to engage in right now. That was my purpose! Not to check Puff We too big and we too strong!”

“Our relationship goes too deep for that and of course I offered my opinion out of love. We spoke that night, we spoke the next day and we spoke today.”