J.Crizzy – Supernova

by VintageMediaGroupon September 28, 2015
California Hip-Hop artist and producer, J.Crizzy, as he was prepping his current release entitle “The Life” now available on iTunes and other digital stores. Check out J.Crizzy’s latest music video from his album entitled “Supernova,” considered by J.Crizzy himself as one of his best music videos! J.Crizzy’s “The Life” album is also available on CD […]

Etania Lareau – Luxury & Class Meets Fashion

by VintageMediaGroupon September 28, 2015
Recently launched Exclusive Luxury British Label Etania Lareau presents the Autumn Winter 15 collection. The online boutique delivers worldwide. Collections available in standard sizes or bespoke. www.etanialareau.com Twitter: @etanialareau Facebook: Etania Lareau Instagram: ETANIALAREAU Pinterest: Etania Lareau YouTube: Etania Lareau e-commerce boutique-no physical store contact: clientservices@etanialareau.com

HardSleeper Music – We Woke Now

by VintageMediaGroupon September 28, 2015
HardSleeper Music: Oakland, Ca… The rumbling of the dope-boys ol’ skool cars that drive-by, the foul odors of methane gas pipes busted, the disgusting gunshot sounds..neighborhood kids as well as young adults coming up missing and unaccounted for (just a glimpse) #ABeatForEveryEmotion Beat Leasing and Exclusive Rights! Hip-Hop, R&B and Soul https://soundcloud.com/hardsleepermusic 
http://facebook.com/hardsleepermusic https://www.youtube.com/HSMGsound28 […]


Seagull Coffee – All Coffee Should Be Organic And Fair Trade

by VintageMediaGroupon September 27, 2015
Like coffee? Consider Seagull Coffee of Edmonds, WA specializing organic coffee. Organic coffee is produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides. In other words Organic Coffee is a lot better for you. Web site: http://www.seagullcoffee.com/ Checkout the website: http://www.seagullcoffee.com/ https://twitter.com/seagullcoffee https://www.facebook.com/seagullcoffee?_rdr=p Edmonds, WA

Hoops Feat. Christian James – Chained To The Floor

by VintageMediaGroupon September 27, 2015
Hoops new E.P “Chained to the Floor” out now! Australian rapper Hoops has just released his new E.P “Chained to the Floor” last month, and its starting to pick up a bit of attention. The Gold Coast based artist’s 8 track E.P already has two video singles released from it including the self titled video […]

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