Problema Lirical Feat. R-1 La Esencia – Dimelo

by VintageMediaGroupon August 27, 2015
We Had The Opportunity To Have Some Heat Come Across Our Desks As Miami’s Hip Hop Artist Problema Lirical Feat. R-1 La Esencia – Dimelo. (prod. by izzle beats). From Overflow 4 Jackpot Mixtape. Got A Classic Joint On Their Hands… VMG Had A Moment To Sit Down And Asked Problema Lirical A Few Questions […]

nonSense – Cosmic Vibes

by VintageMediaGroupon August 26, 2015
After a two year hiatus, nonSense is back with a vengeance! “Cosmic Vibes” is an introspective project where lyricism, flow and creativity converge. nonSense illuminates certain issues in today’s society while also commenting on his on self-doubt, downfalls and inner demons. Using unique sounds from several producers, the project captivates the ears and the minds […]

RibbedTee – Best Undershirts Ever

by VintageMediaGroupon August 26, 2015
RibbedTee was Founded in April 2008, and with the slogan “Best Undershirts Ever” You Gotta Asked, Why RibbedTee Undershirts are the BEST Undershirts EVER? Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why: Undershirts You WANT To Wear. They won’t lose their shape–perfect fit lasts wash after wash! Our no-sag collars lay flat and stay in place! […]


Luni Delorean Feat. Franchise – Im On it

by VintageMediaGroupon August 26, 2015
Luni DeLorean’s back with his 4th mix tape titled Heroz X Legendz. You can expect alot more then nice beats and a few bars from this mix tape. Luni is one of the most diverse artists coming out of Pittsburgh, PA as well as the rest of the world. Being able to transition from raw […]

MeMoi Shapewear For Every Outfit

by VintageMediaGroupon August 25, 2015
MeMoi Shapewear for Every Outfit Every woman wants to look her best when she’s going out –whether it’s to work or just a casual dinner and drinks. She plans her outfits and matching accessories meticulously until everything is right, but there’s still something missing. She looks in the mirror and doesn’t quite like what she […]

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