7mari – See You Around. [Mixtape]

by VintageMediaGroupon May 13, 2015
Here Is Some Smooth And Dope R&B From New York’s Own 7mari – See You Around. [Mixtape] Sit Back And Zone To This… Great Ride Music… She’s DOPE. https://twitter.com/concrete__r0se_ Like this: Like Loading...

J-Giles Son Feat. FLO – Forget It

by VintageMediaGroupon May 13, 2015
Dope New Joint From J-Giles Son Feat. FLO – Forget It It’s FIRE…. Growing up I listened to a good amount of Hip Hop and R&B. I became a disciple in high school; Master P, Juvenile, Busta Rhymes, etc. were popular. Later I became a fan of Talib Kweli; I think Reflection Eternal is one […]

HereFind & Tide7 – The Shanghai Secrets

by VintageMediaGroupon May 13, 2015
With Anything When I Go Shopping I Look For The Deals, And Specials… Just Like Anybody Right? Go Checkout HereFind & Tide7 Online Store, It Has Great Prices On All Types Of Items Ranging From Jewelry To Men Clothing… It Seems Like There Is Nothing You Can’t Find On These Stores… Use These Codes Below […]


jCrizzy – Dream

by VintageMediaGroupon May 12, 2015
Joseph Gerard Crisol aka. “jCrizzy” was born in Queens, New York in 1986. He was raised in Manila, Philippines, and eventually moved to Northern California in the early 90’s. jCrizzy is a Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B artist with talents in rapping, singing, and production. jCrizzy prides himself in being able to create quality records […]

IsH-iLLa – Life After Pain

by VintageMediaGroupon May 12, 2015
CHICAGO’S SON; IsH-iLLa is a name to remember, and one you may have already heard if you keep an ear to the ground. This hardworking artist artfully channels his origins as a Chicago kid experiencing all the gritty streets have to offer and years of homelessness. A lifetime of suffering lends an intensity to his […]

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