What Are Thooooooose… Dinosaur Shirts?

by VintageMediaGroupon October 1, 2015
What Are Thooooooose… Dinosaur Shirts? As little kids, we wanted to grow up to be dinosaurs. Years later, that obviously didn’t happen, but we figured selling dinosaur graphic tees was the next best thing. Started by two friends who drink too much and have seen Jurassic Park one too many times, Fossilized Fashion has shirts […]

Performing Since The Age Of 5 – Dimitra Barla

by VintageMediaGroupon October 1, 2015
Performing since the age of 5- Dimitra Barla Dimitra Barla is an amazing actress who got her start at the age of five with dance. She loved dancing and continued as a classical dancer. She then grew into a contemporary dancer, and finally an actress at the age of ten. She worked very hard throughout […]

Flyy_Figure – Medicated Poetry

by VintageMediaGroupon September 30, 2015
Check Out The DOPE New Mixtape From Flyy_Figure A Female Rapper Who Has BARS, And Gives You Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, And Different Styles To Match. Check Out The Mixtape HERE… Instagram flyy_figure twitter flyy_figure snapchat flyy_figure New Orleans


VinLa’Infinite – Luxury

by VintageMediaGroupon September 30, 2015
Upcoming New Jersey artist & TheCxlture affiliate, VinLa’Infinite’s first single from his “Heroes Don’t Exist,” EP due for release November 2015. His first project after the successful single “Killer” which is available on iTunes, engage yourself now! https://www.facebook.com/vinlainfinite https://twitter.com/VinTheRebel www.theinfinitesound.com/ https://instagram.com/xvzrdx/ Long branch, NJ

DISSIDENT – Leader In Fitness Apparel

by VintageMediaGroupon September 30, 2015
DISSIDENT Gym Wear DISSIDENT Gym Wear may be a newcomer on the block, but we’re here to make a statement with our vast collection. Hailing from San Diego, CA, DISSIDENT was established to be a brand that empowers, motivates and promotes confidence. Everyone in the DISSIDENT army shares a vision to ensure life is lived […]

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