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All You Need To Know About Attending And Enjoying Festivals

All You Need To Know About Attending And Enjoying Festivals

When thinking of music festivals or raves, it is common for a person to think of young girls in sparkling bras with flower crowns or shirtless men in neon-rimmed sunglasses.  Regardless of whether you are an old-school raver throwing on fishnets with fuzzy boots, or a modern Coachella wearing high-waist shorts you tend to think you will be warm at the festival.  Either you consider you will be warm, or you honestly do not care.


Yes, EDC or Coachella are examples of large music festivals; however, they are events that occur in the warmer months making them ideal times for enjoying music wearing almost nothing.  Unfortunately, Halloween-time based festivals or New Year parties will not be as advantageous regarding weather.  To bring in the New Year in style without having to avoid parties and freeze your socks off, it is recommended that you read this article.


  • Using Thigh-High Socks


A survey showed that men were completely clueless when asked what they think of thigh-high socks and how they can be used.  The first question was “what are thigh-high socks”, and once a description was given the guys agreed that they “sound good and better than high waist shorts.”


Ladies cannot disagree with the benefit of thigh-high socks.  Not only will they keep more of the leg warm than traditional ankle socks or knee-high socks, they will also make you feel like your legs are endless.  The garment’s length, plus the high waisted length of shorts and a cropped top allows aesthetic and symmetrically pleasing feelings.  It is like the outfit has been fractioned, but continues to be a full outfit.


Research has found that when a person’s extremities are warm they will feel warmer; therefore, it is possible to increase your body heat by layering socks underneath the thigh-high socks.  No person will know what is hiding underneath the thigh-high socks except for you.


One problem that many people may be concerned about is the possibility of the thigh-high socks falling down.  Fortunately, it is possible to wear sheer black tights beneath the thigh-high socks.  These tights will not only keep the socks from drooping down but can also keep the extra part of your leg warm without having to place any extra clothing on the body.


  • Use Layers


While you may not need seven layers, it is recommended that you layer clothing to keep your body warm and retain body heat.  To the average individual, layers are an obvious response to the problem of cold settings; therefore, it would be useful to bring thin layers such as a light jacket or a flannel.  It is possible to use these layers and wear them around your waist when you don’t find them useful any longer or stuff it into another person’s backpack if you have not brought along a backpack yourself.


Of course, if you have every been caught in the pouring rain when wearing long sleeve clothing with jeans you will understand how heavy layering cannot be useful.  When in wet weather, everything sticks to one’s body and it is impossible to become dry in damp or heavy clothing.  If you are in shorts, it is possible to dry yourself off by using a towel; however, you should not wear shorts in wet weather for the possibility of becoming ill.


One simple solution to this potential challenge is to layer but to use THIN layering.  While a leather jacket could save you from a snow store, it may not be the most beneficial option when dealing with changing temperatures over a music festival weekend.  When facing the unpredictable weather of a festival, it is highly recommended that you use a thin long sleeve shirt or thin pair of leggings with a fanny pack where you can place your rolled up clothing when the garments are not in use.  And you can actually wear the shirt you arrived in.  All the #ravebody selfies were for nothing.  Save yourself the workout and pack on the pounds to keep yourself warm.  It’s what’s on the inside that matters anyway.


Wearing Spirit Hoods



Perhaps we have passed the stage in our lives where sparkling bras and straps wrapped around our thighs are considered acceptable, but what happened to Spirit Hoods?  Do you remember Spirit Hoods?  They were those animal hats with the long sides that you could place your hands in.  The fuzzy headwear you were able to see naked men and women wearing.  Again, this is a fraction of the thigh-high, shorts, and crop tops that make hoods, bras, and shorts a full rave festival outfit.


Becoming popular in 2000, Spirit Hoods were the entire rave at music festivals; however, they slowly lost popularity and are now on the verge of extinction.  The concept of a Spirit Hood is smart in that it keeps your limbs warm while maintaining the music festival culture.  If you are an avid Spirit Hood lover, it may be best to DIY it and may it a non-culturally tied animal.  For example, you could try using a Spirit Hood Cat – everyone loves cats.


Glow sticks

Glow sticks are a perfect addition to a festival and add colour and light to your outfit, they are also cheap and wholesale glow sticks are cheap and effective as an item.


Wearing Gloves



As socks are to feet, gloves are to your hands and you need to keep this in mind when preparing for music festivals.  If you feel like you look like an idiot, then it is recommended you invest in a pair of light show gloves.  This way you will be able to keep your hands warm while maintaining a culturally-appropriate layering approach.  Of course, you need to beware of which gloves to wear because someone may ask for the gloves back later on during the event.


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