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The Multi-Talented Isabella Charlton

The Multi-Talented Isabella Charlton

The multi-talented Isabella Charlton

Isabella Charlton is a performing powerhouse, and with projects both on screen and off, is proving herself to be multi-talented. Thanks to her Hong Kong childhood, she speaks fluent Mandarin, and she has already starred in Chinese theater projects, including Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the Grand National Theatre in Beijing, as well as in Chinese TV and movie productions. She’s well on her way to fame.

Isabella says her favorite role so far was the part of a young Western woman, Miaoli, in ‘Dragon Train’, a 30-part TV comedy series. It gave her the opportunity to work with a well-known Chinese comedian, Cao Yin Jin, who, she says, was both very funny and fun to work with.

Keeping on the subject of comedy, Isabella says she owes a lot of her acting skill to her strong theatre background. ‘I got to play a lot of comedic roles, such a Betty and Mrs Trotsky in ‘All in the Timing’, and the Postmaster in ‘the Government Inspector’, at the Burton Taylor Theatre’, says Charlton. Isabella was able to bring her comedic timing to her role in the film ‘I am very Talented’, where she plays a character modeled on Benedicts Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes.

Isabella has also played dramatic roles on the stage, such as the Duchess of Malfi and Viola from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which helped prepare her for her more serious roles. Isabella played the lead role of Singent in the short film ‘Now and Then’, which has complex themes such as domestic violence. ‘It was a great to play a role where I felt I was confronting real issues’, says Charlton. Her next film role after that was in the historic epic, ‘The Cairo Declaration’, acting along side award winning veteran Hong Kong film actress Carina Lau.

Isabella says that as she continues to grow as a performer she hopes to spend more time in the US, but adds she’d always like to come back to China to work on future projects.