Home Talent LUCAS BREEZE – “My Side” – LUCY BALL (New Album)

LUCAS BREEZE – “My Side” – LUCY BALL (New Album)

LUCAS BREEZE – “My Side” – LUCY BALL (New Album)

Lucas Breeze (@BreezeLucas) and Stephen “PR” Kane (@BeatsbyPR) are back! “My Side” is the first single off the highly anticipated project Lucy Ball. The eclectic duo has spent the better part of four years, since their last project, perfecting their collective sound and refining the diverse voice heard throughout the 15-track masterpiece.

For almost a decade, these two have been individually committed to hard work, improvement and relevance when it comes to their musical craftsmanship–this is quickly realized once you hit play. Every part of this project is original–from the beats to the bars–straight from the heart.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the whole project–top to bottom–on Foretell Future’s YouTube channel. Or, head over to www.lucasbreeze.com to cop your own free digital download of Lucy Ball.

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