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Kayo Nox – Motivation

Kayo Nox – Motivation

Justin Kleindinst aka Kayo Nox is a 22 year old recording artist from Houston, Texas. His mother and father split up before Nox had turned the age of one. He than lived with his mother and saw his father every other weekend causing confusion within his mind and his life at a young age. Their was never peace at anytime or any day. Around the age of 14 Kayo Nox started writing music as a side hobby to express who he was. He never thought he would escalate to the level of turning it into a career path. At the age of 16 he took his money and started investing it into what he discovered to soon become a passion. At that moment when he recorded his first sixteen bars he knew it was love. Now Kayo Nox is working with a major skilled audio engineer that goes by the name of J Lacy that he can truly trust with his craft. Nox is a hard working man that will invest everything he has until he proves to himself that he can turn a dream into an accomplishment.

His talent and emotion shine through on his powerful track “Motivation.”