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Hip-Hop Has Made Its Way Into The Senate


You have to love the influence hip-hop has EVERYWHERE! Via the Huffington Post:

In the final two days of the Florida legislature’s 60-day session, legislators are really struggling to pass a few more bills: they’ve started correcting each other’s Jay-Z lyrics in arguments for and against amendments.

Wednesday, Rep. Alan B. Williams (D-Tallahassee) quoted the New York rapper’s track “99 Problems” in a discussion of an amendment regarding Florida evidence code.

Yet speaker Dean Cannon (R-Winter Park) wouldn’t let a Jay-Z misquote go un-chastised, as first noted on The Washington Free Beacon. The unlikely rap enthusiast responded with a “respectful” correction.

As the Beacon notes, both congressmen got the lyrics wrong. Cannon is correct in that it’s the cop who says the line, but only Williams repeated the lyric correctly.



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