Home Talent Gospel Lee – Friend Zone [VMG Approved]

Gospel Lee – Friend Zone [VMG Approved]

Gospel Lee – Friend Zone [VMG Approved]

“Friend Zone” is the latest single from Arizona-based, Oklahoma native lyricist Gospel Lee featuring production by Wayne Klassik. Gospel Lee is an individual who believes in shining light in dark places through the creation of quality, positive, inspiring Hip-Hop. The track is a light-hearted exploration of an imaginary place where the awkwardness is real, and how to escape. Gospel Lee paints a unique picture of that awkwardness the as he states:

Etch-A-Sketch relationship we made something great,
All the sudden you got shook now its gone without a trace
Now we’ve gone our separate ways, truth is hard to embrace
Thought we were goin’ somewhere, now we’re walkin’ in place

“Friend Zone” is available as a free download via Noisetrade.