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Finding (Foreign) Love

Finding (Foreign) Love

Written by Jodi Clark

Talking about relationships with people is like talking different languages. We all have different definitions for all the terms that could apply to the status of our relationship. But have you ever wondered what all these terms mean for people who actually speak another language? Do relationships work differently in other countries? And if they do, what happens when foreigners try to navigate the already complicated world of dating in the U.S?

Foreign Love, a new mini-series, has all the answers to these questions. The series follows the story of a young Hispanic woman, Emilia, dealing with a recent breakup and how she comes to realize that what was something for her was nothing for someone else. That she has never recognized before how different relationships are for each culture. The story is about self-discovery and a relationship was simply lost in translation.

On top of dealing with the crazy relatable topic of relationships this series also addresses the breaking of stereotypes. Where you might expect the ‘foreigners’ in this series to play into their cultural stereotypes; it does the opposite. For instance Emilia, played by Ximena Casillas, who is from Mexico does not play a maid, Jaden, an Australian character played by Lilly Dennis, does not walk around saying ‘G’day mate’, Natalia, played by Mela Lopez, who is a Hispanic woman with no accent whatsoever and Ronnie, an Asian American played by Hannah Jieun, plays a very intelligent valley girl in the series. Foreign Love does not abide to any stereotypes and breaks the norms of ‘types’.

“The series producers were very determined on having actors from the same countries as their characters.” Elizabeth stated in a recent interview regarding the series: “ This is what has caused the most attention to this series as it’s usually not the way Hollywood works. Holding international auditions for these roles is a big task and one that hopefully pays off in the anticipated series.“

Foreign Love is definitely a story that will generate discussion. Its comedic timing and heart felt reality of relationships ground this story in our society today. It truly breaks down how difficult it can be navigating relationships in America when coming from another country. The series is set to be released in 2016.