Dwayne Wade Never Ending Baby Mama Drama

by on July 22, 2013

This past Friday while many people were getting ready to take the streets of Chicago to march and rally for Trayvon Martin on Saturday, Siohvaughn Funches-Wade ex-wife to Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade had a protest of her own outside of a Chicago court building.Sitting right beside her was a sign that read “NBA Miami Heat star mother of his children on the streets”. This has been of the ugliest celebrity custody battles that we’ve seen in the media. In March of 2011, Dwyane Wade won custody their two boys. Reportedly the Miami Heat Player cashes-out 25k-plus every month for spousal support. Since the settlement and custody battle we’ve seen Siohvaughn take to the media for interviews to give her side of the story. She even appeared on an episode of the Dr.Phil show…that was one counseling session that didn’t seem to accomplish much of anything. Her latest argument is that despite their custody agreement, she still has yet to see her boys as much as she would like. She also hints that Mr.Wade puts their son on basketball teams that coincidentally has games during her visitation time. It would be ideal if both sides could get along. No child wants to jump on the internet and see their parent looking foolish for the world to see.