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Dj Tresway – “The Cali Dreamer”

Dj Tresway – “The Cali Dreamer”

Q: Where did you come up with the name “Dj Tresway”?

1. When i was younger i had to come up with a smooth ass nickname for myself so i took my first and last name mashed it together and at the time i was into DJ’ing so it all just came in flow.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects, visuals, tours coming up for Dj Tresway?

2. a Couple Collaboration Tapes and albums with my label mates , #ServinTheStaynk With my Homie Fredo Gotti from Chiraq . it’s a Mix of Cali Trap and Drill Chiraq music so yea stay tuned. and #PleaseComeAgain The album my 2nd Collab project with SnapBackGenesis my main partner.

Q. Where did you come up with the concept of “Outerspace”? Is you talking about anyone special in your life or you just smoke some trees and kinda vibed out to the beat?

3. It was basically a story upon itself , i wanted to branch out with the song but make it relatable to most . give it that smoked out,vibe,wavy feel,drug paraphernalia. It’s a Bout a girl that’s just so unique she’s not from here she’s from our fantasy world in outer space #Planet5 as reference to my song.

We Sat down and it all just came together right then and there when the beat played .

Q. What inspired you to become an artist?

4. I’ve always had that spark and energy it was like a faith type of thing . i’ve always knew this was my line of work, and my calling at life and the talent just came to complete it . i picked up my skills overtime and just developed them as i still am right now . i feel like there gonna take me sand my ideas and crew real far no doubt.

Q. Who’s all in Real Crafty?

5. Real Crafty is the group that i started with Me, My Brother TMAC and Stae Blunned, were the main members in the band well the rap group section . Real Crafty Camp Nation is mostly a collective of unique and talented individuals . everyone has multiple talents . we started back in 08 as a party crew and it progressed along the years .
C.O.O.L Entertainment is my video and Production team.

Q. What made you name your new project “DayDreaming” any meaning behind it?

6. It’s a Reference o my album which is titled “ Daydreaming “ . it goes a long way from just a Album it’s basically my story from start to now and progressing over a time period and all of my struggles and what not it will feature some of the tracks from the EP also . i named the EP #DaydreamingEP to amp and hype up the fans for the album which i’ll probably release as budget progresses

Q. Are there any rumors you would like to clear up?

7. Not at the moment but hey, the more people talking the better.

Q. When you think of “Vintage Media Group”, what comes to mind?

8. i think off an outlook for the underground the greats that are never heard but are soon to be discovered . i feel like the real faith of music could stand there and flourish even if its underground.

Q. What can we expect from you and Real Crafty?

9. New Videos , New Artist , New Music , New Sounds , New Merch Everything New , Always Coming Thru , Stay Tuned @RealCraftyCOOL

Q. Any group album, EP, tour + shows coming up?

10. R.C.C.N Vol.1 , group tape still on the way , #PleaseComeAgain the Album coming SOON , #TBC the Album from SnapBackGenesis coming soon and #ServinTheStaynk the tape Dropping Sometime Next Month ,MORE AND MORE PROJECTS OTW . We’re currently setting up a couple shows so if your in California stay Tuned , and also some Tours were putting together . Stay Very Close to my twitter accounts @DjTresway and @RealCraftyCOOL and also my soundcloud.com/DjTresway
and youtube.com/themN3RDZ1