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DJ Swagg – “The Southern Choice”

DJ Swagg – “The Southern Choice”

DJ Swagg is one of the most versatile and hottest DJ’s out of Jacksonville, Florida. Some of his specialties range from Hip Hop, R&B, House, and Pop. He is CEO of 2Fresh Entertainment Group and he has had the opportunity to DJ for Trina and Nicki Minaj to name a few. He has worked alongside DJ Q45 from BET The Basement. DJ Swagg is a 10 year veteran in the music game with a recent mixtape called “The Secret Place” out right now.

A.Marie: What inspired you to become a DJ?
DJ Swagg: I love music. What inspired me was when I was playing music at this party, not so much djing, but just controlling the stereo and playing Cds, and I seen the crowds reaction. I stuck to it. I like to see the crowd reaction while I’m deejaying.

A.Marie: Are you working on any new mixtapes?
DJ Swagg:Yes, currently working on Secret Place: Position 2 and Making My Presence Know.

A. Marie: What are you hoping to accomplish with your career?
DJ Swagg: I’m hoping to become a radio personality/ DJ take my skills to the next level, also to be named and DJ among the Elite. I’m aiming to build a brand.

A.Marie: Are there any rumors you would like to clear up?
DJ Swagg: There aren’t any rumors that I care to clear up. But, if there is any, that’s good, it only means people talking about me. I have the peoples’ attention.

A.Marie: How don you make sure every mixtape is different?
DJ Swagg: By doing more than one genre of music, being versatile in style.

A.Marie: Is there a such thing as a “groupie problem” when in the DJ world?
DJ Swagg: Yes, we have our share of groupies. We are the life of the party, and everybody wants to be the life of the party, especially groupies.

A. Marie: Have you incorporated other genres such as pop or rock on a mixtape?
DJ Swagg: Yes. I recently did a Power House mix. I incorporated pop, house, top 40 and mainstream music in one.

A.Marie: Here’s your chance to tell the world one important thing about you.What do you want the world to know?
DJ Swagg: Looks can be deceiving.

A.Marie: Tell us about your entertainment company.
DJ Swagg: I began 2Fresh Entertainment back in 2006. Started in the strip club, but we started doing college parties, the name grew and took off from there. In 2011 we won Entertainment Company of the Year at the Duval Diamond Award in Jacksonville, Florida.

A. Marie: How can your supporters contact you? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Booking Info.
DJ Swagg: I’m all over the social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My supporters can “ like” and “follow “ me” at:

Instagram: djswagg_2fn
Facebook: facebook.com/deejayswagg
Facebook Fanpage: Dj Swagg
Twitter: Djswagg_2fn
Twitter Fanpage: Ilovedjswagg

Booking Contact: D. Rhodes – Manager
Email: 2swagglane@gmail.com

A. Marie: When you think of Vintage Media Group, what comes to mind?
DJ Swagg: Quality.. In music, artists, and media.


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