Home Lifestyle Black In America : Part 1 [3 Part Mini Series]

Black In America : Part 1 [3 Part Mini Series]

Black In America : Part 1 [3 Part Mini Series]

Watch the mini-series Black In America, and witness the ignited reality New Yorkers feel everyday. In the light of The Trayvon Martin Case and its concerning acquittal heard across America, one talented artist from the Bronx, E Joox, makes his voice heard with a forceful combination of lyrics and photography depicting the realness of the opinion of communities across the nation.

Original music and compelling lyrics introduce this series, featuring that certain prowess you’ve grown to expect from Director/ Artist E Joox, if you keep up to date on him through social media. Simply put, E Joox “talks about it” as he says of the elephant in the room- inequality in Black America. Take a moment and watch the first installment and be blown away by the messages young Americans like E Joox are writing to the masses, the opinions of residents trying to believe in justice. Tie in the visuals Black In America offers and this blindingly raw perspective gives way to a conversation most have ignored.

With Black In America 2nd installment coming out September 1st E Joox has continued to satisfy his network of followers and fellow “hip hop heads” with this representation of conscious work and makes just enough room for debate and association on topics anyone in America can relate to. The 5 song Black In America EP is set to release the same day as the 2nd installment of the mini series on September 1st, with production from Snipe Beatz and Ransom Release.