Home Talent Big AL, Young THC – The Red Cup [EP]

Big AL, Young THC – The Red Cup [EP]

Big AL, Young THC – The Red Cup [EP]

Duo, Big Al and Young THC are bringing Newark back into the spotlight with their effort, The Red Cup E.P. produced by label TB3 Entertainment and presented by Skunk TV. The five track extended play pairs up a talented, eclectic and gifted pair of emcees with the kind of charisma and creative approaches to making great music more common of million dollar dealt artists. The vibe of the E.P. is very loose, catchy and fun. The chemistry between the pals is interesting and the beats are tight. It’s not clear what is in those cups but whatever it is “it’s responsible for one of the best indie releases of the year”. Now on sale on iTunes the Red Cup E.P., featuring the single “Mean to Do It” is the beginning of a new era for city that has brought us some of the most unforgettable rappers ever. It seems that we are seeing a repeat of that history. Grab your red cup and check out the Skunk TV presented, “The Red Cup E.P.” by Big Al and Young THC at

Instagram – https://instagram.com/bigalswagg/
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/officialbigalproduct
Location – Bethlehem, Pa