Kanye West Reportedly Suffering From Memory Loss


      According to a close friend, Kanye West has been suffering from memory loss since his 2016 hospitalization.  Kanye’s friend and longtime collaborator Malik Yusef spoke with PopSugar on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammys this past weekend. Yusef appeared to be very concerned, and cautious, when talking about his friend’s current health and […]


      Thundercat – Friend Zone | Stream [New Song]


      Thundercat rejects life in the friend zone. The friend zone is harrowing place. It is a place that Thundercat is not interested in visiting, as he explains on his awe-inspiring new single “Friend Zone.” “You stuck me in the friend zoooooonne, that’s that bullshit,” he croons over a psychedelic, arpeggiated funk groove.Thundercat’s new album Drunk is out February […]


        Battlefield 4 “Video Game Review”


        The guns are blazing, its 2020 and everyone is on the brink of war, i.e. USA, Russia and China. Kind of sounds familiar doesn’t it? But, then story telling has never been the selling point of the Battlefield series, and if you are buying it solely for the campaign, prepare to be a bit disappointed. […]


          DH – Tiger (Do the Putt Putt)


          Successful Attorney with Savvy Humorous Skilled Talent Releases First Single. Born Dan Hanecak and known to the rap/music world as DH, some would say this unique artist mimics a sound similar to Eminem mixed with a hint of “Weird Al” Yankovic of the new generation. With his unique creativity, he has created a sound of […]